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Based on advancing insight, the idea for a Music Club has developed around the DGCF: as a form of 'contemporary patronage' and permanent and continuous platform support. A group of interested people undertakes for a longer period to this Music Club which offers a complete insight into the versatility of the foundation. One can become a friend of the DGCF by transferring an amount annually, quarterly or monthly.

There are two options to become a friend of the DGCF:

  • 'Network': The network of the foundation consists of persons or organizations that, directly or indirectly, support the objectives from a substantive perspective and are involved in the realization of the DGCF and its new music productions. In this way the DGCF connects its network at home and abroad;  this is the substantive basic principle of the foundation.
  • 'Participants': The participants of the Music Club generate, on the basis of a fixed monthly amount, a fund from which new music productions can be realized. In this way the DGCF creates a degree of 'self-sufficiency' and additional income; this is the basic business principle of the DGCF. For detailed information please visit Dutch website.

    The friends of the DGCF are invited to almost all performances and events of the DGCF artists and to all important events. 

    For more information, you can contact us.


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