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Caio de Azevedo - Farce Lyrique

Caio de Azevedo | Farce Lyrique | 2019 | 4' |

Trio percussion, piano & cello

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"Farce Lyrique is a divertimento for Violoncello, Percussion and Piano. An instrumental theatre scene, full of humour, virtuosity and tragedy. The percussion instrumentation resemble something of an African ritual sometimes. Through this rituals dialogues, the cello and the piano answer as being one. In 2015, during the Reflective Conservatoire Conference, I met the Drama Professor of the Guildhall School in London, Eliot Shrimpton. At the time, he was dedicated in a research about the Shakespearean “Fool”. His Dance, his masks, his essence. I was engaged then in searching the Music of the Fool. This piece is one of the echoes of this meeting."


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