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Giordano Bruno Do Nascimento - Assembly Line


Giordano Bruno Do Nascimento | Assembly Line | 2020 | 4'
Marimba, Vibraphone and Kick Drum

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Marimba Bass drum (medium): should not be damped (no fabric inside)

and should fit under the marimba.Vibraphone

Composer’s note:

“This piece is about a desautomatization of an automatized society. After more than two hundred years of industrialization of the western cultures and almost a hundred years after the parody of our modern automatized result orientated society by Charles Chaplin, there is a hope that our cultural mentality develops in a way to return number-people into people again. The individuum starts struggling out of the crowd as individual consciousness. From this point, each psyche and life quality counts, not only for better production of a proletariat but for the importance of the life quality of a person. “

- Giordano Bruno do Nascimento

Künstlerhof Schreyahn, 29th of June 2020

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