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Molly Joyce - I want to feel alive


Molly Joyce | I want to feel alive | 2021 | 20'

Text | Marco Grosse

Trio percussion, piano & cello/voice

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“I want to feel alive” explores the intricacies and nuances of Vincent Van Gogh’s life and work through original text and music. Cooperation between frequent collaborators writer Marco Grosse, composer Molly Joyce and created for Trio Basilova I Fridman I Napolov, the work will examine Van Gogh’s inner rather than publicly-known outer world, seeking what it can illuminate about his life, work, as well as offer to contemporary society. Particularly for the German-Italian Grosse and American Joyce, highlighting Van Gogh’s struggles to find his place correlates with trends and lessons in today’s transmigratory world. Through such an exploration, the creators hope to provide vividness and acuity in bringing a new and sympathetic understanding of Van Gogh.


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