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The Dutch Golden Collection Foundation was founded to help develop recent percussion and composition graduates and give these young professionals a chance to bring their projects to life in the two years we devote to them.

The DGCF is a cultural foundation that focuses on the production, spreading and presentation of pieces for solo and chamber percussion music by composers from all over the world. Some of the goals of the Foundation are: developing new percussion instruments; finding and creating new music languages; expanding the solo and chamber music repertoire; and promoting the created modern pieces worldwide. In order to fulfil our ambitious plans, we will need multiple generations of hardworking and talented artists.

The DGCF award and the "Talent Development period" are necessary to support new voices with a fresh set of eyes. We understand the importance of a small contribution at the start of a career if there is a clear goal and you want to voice your ideas and thoughts. Therefore, we can imagine what a great performance a young artist can deliver with a real passion for his work and our expertise and financial aid. We feel that it is of utter importance to go on this adventure together with the young talents and lay the fundament for their professional future and in doing so, help them build a strong career that consists of multiple layers and has a magnificent view.



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